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How Bikram Yoga and Naturopathic Medicine Changed My Life

My name is Peter,

At 34, I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for thirteen years and it has not only been a rough ride mentally and physically, but financially and emotionally.

I spent the early part of my years as a Recreation Therapist working all across the golden horseshoe in nursing homes and hospitals alike. As my Arthritis was causing me major fatigue, being tired at work really affected me in my ability to help others. Inside seven years as a therapist helping elderly people achieve a better quality of life, mine was dropping off in a big way. Now I had no choice but to create a change so that I could accommodate my health issues.

I decided to start a small business where I helped the elderly for three years doing errands, landscaping and house cleaning. This helped me not only with scheduled naps in the daytime, but now I was able to still get my work done. I also had time to research alternative medicine.

Finding Naturopathic Medicine was a major breakthrough in my life. It helped me get over my fatigue problem through proper nutrition. Vitamins, minerals, fish oil, botanicals, homeopathy, acupuncture, detox infrared saunas and the many other therapies that a Naturopath can provide are outstanding. I highly recommend it for anyone, sick or not.

I was definitely on my path to wellness now. It was the introduction of Bikram Yoga by a Naturopath that was a giant leap for me as well. As I was told it is 105 degrees in the room. The intimidation kept me away for a while until one day I was ready.

My first class was not only grueling because I was sweating like I never knew I could. It’s also ninety minutes of bending, twisting and folding into a human Japanese ham sandwich.

Over the years I had developed a really bad upper back. It was the second class and beyond when the breakthrough happened. I was doing the deepest back bend I have ever thought was possible. As I was as far back without falling over, my back made a loud pop noise. It was my spine going back into place. The bend had helped me tremendously as does every other pose help my Arthritis.

From then on, Bikram Yoga and Naturopathic Medicine has not only changed my life entirely in a physical sense, it has changed me in ways that are unexplainable in words because it is in every way. My teachers inspire me, motivate me and they also answer any questions that I have. Did I mention that the Bikram studio is in a heritage building in downtown Guelph? It is immaculate.

To this day I follow the directions of a Naturopathic Doctor. I now practice Bikram Yoga three to four times a week and absolutely every time I come out of class I feel reborn over and over again, completing the full spectrum of my new healthy lifestyle. I am now onto a new career and the future looks bright.

I feel great! 🙂

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